Drafts to Save

An osprey, with white underbelly and ragged wings,
builds his nest atop Chesapeake waters
He perches, surveying the shoreline,
leaving when warmth calls

I wonder how the black-capped chickadee
takes on cold, surviving in its boldness
He struts and flits, shaking off winter’s freeze,
finding satisfaction in the staying
You strut to the door, puffed and proud
FullĀ  mouth of your feathered friend
Its eyes wide, not a blink
I scream, leaping to my feet
Feathers fly around
your precious, surprised face
The world is not always what we wish.

Water, Water, Everywhere

My design skills are limited to the rule of three, sending white space to the outside, and the eye line rule. Years ago, I used Pagemaker to help students design school newspapers (relying on their design skills as mine are nonexistent). Then I learned HTML and began creating web pages with Dreamweaver. I added Photoshop to my bag of tricks, though I still struggled.

When I started blogging and using wordpress, I didn’t need much HTML. Pages on my Mac came with templates. And even photos needed little work to use online.Somewhere along the way, I stopped designing much of anything.This year, I’ve had to create small ads for my writing studio for our local newspaper, and without a program, I’ve limited myself to text in a white box. Exciting.

Today I tried to create a flier to advertise a new class I’ll be offering, and I realized I have nothing on my computer to help me do that. I used a template but wasn’t able to change the background or move photos around. Grrrr.

Oh, the headline to this post? As I sat here working, I realized I have 5 paintings of different river views in my room–one oil, three acrylics, and one water color. Each has its own perspective for design and color, all beautiful.

I think it may be time to invest in some learning again.