Faster, Better, Stronger

Hmmm, no, I”m not the Six Million Dollar Man, but my printing process is improving. This week I was able to lock up some 14 pt Caslon for Lynette, who is making a book. She wanted a peek-a-boo window with some letterpress type showing through. I also created a quick card for one of my students using my wood type. And then I printed several cards to share with my Rhode Island friends.

A few months ago, all this would have taken me weeks. Now I have  system.

But I know something else. I think I need a bigger press. Mine has been a great starter press, but I’m ready for more. I’m limited by what I can actually carry up the stairs to our second floor studio, and I’m limited by not knowing where to find one. You know these presses are vintage? I spend hours watching ebay, craigslist, and Etsy. I have feelers out in Colorado and Massachusetts. I know when the right press comes along, I’ll be ready for it.

Ready and broke!