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Marketing our studio takes more time and effort than I imagined. Some days the effort leaves little time for the art! What it does mean, though, is a chance to meet new people and visit new places in Fredericksburg (and online).

I am also joining Main Street #fxbg as a Board member. I really look forward to getting to know folks who’ve been creating and maintaining the kind of community I want to live in. Artists, shop owners, residents, and tourists share this town, and it is coming back to life.

As part of our one-year celebration at the studio, we are having a card contest. Yes, that’s right. In a few days, we’ll post on Facebook an opportunity for you to write your favorite quote. As long as it’s short (and I have enough type), it may be chosen. That means I’ll letterpress print your quote on a card or poster. You’ll be famous. Or at least the person you quote will be featured. Your prize? Five cards!

If you haven’t connected on Facebook yet, please do. ¬†And watch for the card contest.

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