Pablo Picasso

Sometimes it’s hard to think beyond the next five minutes. But my brain seems happier when there’s little down time.

Now that small business Saturday is over (and accompanying social media responsibilities), it’s time to turn back to my press and writing. This morning I worked with 6 or 7 lines of a poem I’ve had stashed away. I think it has potential but still needs massaging.

I added two new cards to the Etsy shop, and I’m going to try creating some for a few businesses in town: “eat sleep hike” for River Rock Outfitter, a new store on our first floor, and “I lurv my chick” for the organic grocer Kickshaws on the corner (she has chickens). I’m thinking about my new friend Brian’s shop, Skin Touch Therapy, but I haven’t come up with anything yet (RELAX? I’m melting? Sometimes the questions are complicated but the answers are simple, Dr. Seuss?) Hmmm, maybe I’ll feel more inspired in the morning.