I’ve had several lucky things happen to me lately.

But if I were to analyze each one, I’d find that when events happen, there is always a triggering event or a connection. I participate in social media for the same reason- serendipitous moments that are born out of simple connections. Or working with our new downstairs neighbors because they are just so darn nice.

Today I was inking my press when I heard voices from the front of the studio. Our friends from River Rock Outfitter had sent up two men looking for mittens for a present. We happened to have one pair of fingerless gloves left, so I left Elizabeth to talk with them. Then I leaned around the corner and saw them, the fathers of two former students.

Within minutes, I’d corralled them back to my shop to show them my presses. After much ooing and ahhing, one of them suddenly looked over at me.

“Where do you want to take this?” he asked.

I didn’t know how to answer, so I stumbled around for a few seconds. Then he explained that he owned a building a few miles away filled with printing equipment. The printer had died, and he now rented the space to a local printer who wasn’t usingĀ the equipment any longer. He wondered if I’d be interested. As he talked, I could feel my heart racing.

VisionsĀ of printing presses and type danced in my head, and I sprang to my feet, shouting, “A community print shop!”

Ok, I’m not going to abuse Clement Clark Moore’s poem. But I did get as excited as an 8-year-old seeing his bike under a tree.

Once I’d calmed down, I had second thoughts. It’s not in Fredericksburg. I’m not ready to leave Water Street Studio. And, frankly, I don’t know enough about letterpress equipment to be in charge of anything.

But he did say he would give me tour, and maybe, maybe sell me some type. Hey, even if all I do is walk around and touch the presses, I’ll be happy.

Who knew my day would take this turn? Lucky.