IMG_0820I think a lot about fear. Fear of flying, situations, world events. Sometimes it’s crippling.

I also believe in stories. The stories we tell ourselvesĀ help us learn, live, and relate.

The phrase “the courage to own your own story” is one I’ve seen for years. But lately the words have resonated even more. It is far too easy to believe what our thoughts tell us is truth. To me, figuring out my story means letting go of rigid memories, thoughts, or beliefs about my past or who I am.

Fears can block us from being creative, pursuing projects, and even putting ourselves in new situations. I mentioned to someone that I tend to be a person who leaps and then looks for the net. But the last few years, not so much.

Now I am working my way back out, and that’s freeing.

Last week I took some of my letterpress printed cards to a lovely gift store in town called Heather Boutique. I am really delighted they are going to carry my line. (That sounds cool, doesn’t it? “my line”) Yesterday I began working on a series of 5×7 posters, inspirational and motivational, to frame and sell.

But I want to keep my focus. I began printing the words I wanted to see on my own walls. Now that I’ve begun to sell them, I want to continue that, not be swayed by what might sell. What matters is doing the work I care about. And that’s my story.