12 years

That’s how long I’ve been writing posts on this blog.

I began on typepad.com and lost the first three years when I moved to wordpress. I began writing as a teacher, then a runner, sharing my ups and downs, successes and failures.

When I took over as tech coordinator at Fredericksburg Academy, I used it to connect teachers with each other and folks¬†around the world who were using technology in effective ways- what worked and what didn’t.

Recently, after a year or so focused on poetry, ¬†I’ve documented my own learning– figuring out how to use vintage letterpresses to print cards and posters. Again, failures and wins.

I have no idea if anyone reads this. But it doesn’t matter to me. I turn 64 this year…and I think, in ten more years, I’ll look back and have a personal map of my thoughts, hopes, and dreams.

But the one thought that resonates is this desire to keep learning, sharing, and moving forward.

Happy New Year…. 2016