To write, to think, to reflect– then create

I have an unusual habit– when I am ready to create, I write first. Whatever is on my mind. Then, I think about what I’ve written, process and reflect, and finally create the print or card.

This week I’ve been doing a lot more thinking, ruminating really. And it’s gotten me nowhere. Soooo, I’m back to what works. I am writing.

Not that I’ve been sitting around doing nothing. We adopted a cute Golden mix. She is the joy of my life, but takes some specific care because of health issues. When I’m not walking her, I am printing. These two quotes resonated with me this week– so they became prints!

You may be seeing more of this type of work. As I always say, I print what I’m thinking.

If you are local, please consider coming to the Sunken Well Tavern on December 8 for the Tinsel Town Holiday Market. I’ll be there with cards and prints and taking orders for custom holiday stationery, too.