Working in Gray

What does it say about me that gray is my favorite color? Well, second to teal.

I’m not sure, but these days when we are in need of “calm,” it seems to help. I’ve decided to open my online stores again since people can’t get out to my favorite local shops. Send a card to someone today and make their day! All profits go to Mental Health America of Fredericksburg :)



Always Learning

My dad used to work in his woodshop all the time. He made furniture and trim work around the house. And I never knew him to pass a deserted boat on the river that he didn’t drag home to re-do.

I suppose that’s why I was drawn to this workshop. I have to admit. Some of the power tools made me nervous. After all, I do have a bit of anxiety. But when I finished a cutting board I felt like I had accomplished something.

Isn’t it pretty?


Connecting with  small, local businesses makes my heart open. I love collaborating with others on projects, and with my press, I can help create what they’ve been imagining. This is Willow’s two-color note card, which means running it through the press twice- once with light gray and once with dark. Pairing the cards with a pale gray envelope makes a lovely presentation.

Life has been crazy with moving my mom and trying to get her settled in a new facility. Taking time on the press yesterday made my heart rate slow down and my focus return.

A printer friend once said that she’d hoped she was saving letterpress but discovered she was really saving herself.

I get that.

Type Nerd

I might have to make this Tattly tattoo permanent!

Last night, we met at Kickshaws Market for an evening of letter-writing– to friends, seniors, and women at @girlslovemail. It was all to celebrate National Letter Writing month and the Write_On campaign.

Even though I prefer small groups, as in one or two people, the gathering of 15 seemed intimate. I enjoyed getting to know new friends who also love paper as much as I do!

Thanks to all for a great evening!

Teal, in all its magical shades

I am about to head out for another relaxing week on Turks and Caicos. Our stay involves lots of reading, walking, eating, and sleeping. But mostly, I stare at the water.

There’s something about the shades of turquoise that calms me and helps me breathe differently. I do recognize how lucky I am to be able to travel here once a year. I gather my art supplies and books and spend the week putting myself back together.

My IG feed will turn teal this week. But I’ll be back soon with lots of new ideas for prints.