Writing to Heal

When I’ve spent too many nights waking to dark thoughts, tossing and turning in the wee hours, I know it’s time to write.

Often getting the words on paper is all I need. I suppose that’s why I love printing so much. Whether it’s a powerful quote or an affirmation for a friend, the cards and prints make me feel more at peace with the world.

Today I received a love card in the mail from a friend from Turks and Caicos. It told me she was thinking of me– and of our time together. That’s also why I’m excited about our Write On evening, a chance to celebrate Letter Writing Month.  On the 17th, we’ll gather at Kickshaws Market in Fredericksburg to write letters– to friends, senior citizens, or even women going through breast cancer treatment. Doing this as a group allows connections that we need so much these days. And knowing that someone will get a card in the mail just as I did today makes me happy.

All you have is now, this moment to make someone feel good. And I know you’ll feel better about yourself and the world, too.