What I Miss the Most

Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash

I feel so much better when I don’t have my nightly cocktail. I know, that sounds so superficial, so silly.

But I do miss my bourbon.

As I walk around downtown #fxbg, I think, “Oh, I want to visit that outside restaurant, enjoy a drink on the patio and watch the world go by.” And then I remember: I can’t.

I’m hoping these diet restrictions won’t last forever, but I will never go back to daily alcohol.

It’s not just bourbon, though. I’ve also given up dairy and gluten and most sugar. I watch how many fructans I eat as well as making sure I drink enough water. Balancing alkaline foods with fodmap restrictions isn’t easy. But my gut has stabilized.

Journaling every day helps me keep track of what works (and what doesn’t). So does starting my day with warm lemon water.

Keeping track of all this is like a full time job. Good thing I’m retired!