Routine, Routine, Routine

Spending a quiet evening on the beach has got to be my favorite thing to do this summer. We motor across the pond and walk the path to ocean …. the sun is starting to set and crowds have left. Glorious.

So far, I’ve felt good this summer– even though it’s been so hard maintaining a routine. As visitors come in and out, I seem to toss out the planning and go with the flow. And yet, except for missing my regular exercising, I’m doing ok.

I do my breathing at least twice a day, and journal if I start to feel my gut/nerves do the typical rolling around. Then I know I better get what’s in my head on paper!

We are still trying to limit our sugar and eat plenty of vegetables. It’s hard when the Quonnie Farm Stand with its delicious scones is right down the road. I LOVE bread but it’s not good for my gut….