Fighting Back

I debated about whether to write this. I tend to want to keep some things private. And I don’t want our choices to come across as arrogant or self-serving. But I want to share something my husband did for me. For us.

We lean left, as they say, politically. Until recently, we didn’t advertise that. But last year we decided to put up a yard sign for Black Lives Matter, and more recently a flag pole with rotating flags– one for BLM and one for gay pride. We had been thinking about ways we could take a stand, quietly.

Well, two weeks ago, someone decided to tear down our BLM flag while we were away. I was distressed and angry. Long story, but the sweet lady who watches our cat decided to buy us another and have her husband fix the pole before we got home. Their act gave me faith in people again.

Then this weekend, a woman with a dog knocked on our door. “Did you have a BLM yard sign in your front yard?” she asked.

She pointed down the street to a tall man in jeans, sauntering down the sidewalk WITH OUR SIGN! I shook my head, my mouth open in shock. She empathized, saying “I wanted you to know he just grabbed it and walked away.” These days I shy away from confrontation. Oh, who’s kidding? I have always shied away from confrontation. But I felt myself burning in anger.

David said, “we’ll buy another.” But the anger was still there.

Last night I walked into our living room and heard David on a phone call I didn’t recognize.

“Who was that?” I asked.

“The head of the NAACP of Fxbg,” he said.

Long story short, he had sent them a check, and the man was calling to thank him.

He explained that he had been thinking of sending a check earlier but when the hateful man stole our sign, he added much more to the check and sent it off.

“So there,” David said.

Somehow it really did make me feel much better.

I can’t demonstrate in large crowds, I hesitate to put myself out by writing letters, but I feel self-centered for not taking a stand. This felt right.

We can support people in many ways. So we did.