Keeping Track

A reflection of the Chatham Train Bridge, probably one of the most photographed scenes in Fredericksburg. What am I reflecting on today?

My most productive time is from 6am until 8am. That’s right. I wake up, pour my coffee, and read before I exercise, before I eat breakfast, and before I head out for the day. What I struggle with is keeping track of all that I am learning–

I’ve been following note-taking blogs and checking out apps (Notion, One Note, Evernote, etc) to see if something might help. But I tend to fall back into my old habits of reading and then forgetting most of it (or at least forgetting where to locate it). I know I must have some form of ADHD.

This seems like a good place for me to try to catalog my learning. This is not a community, it’s my blog. Whether it’s a photo I’ve taken, an article I’ve read, or a podcast I’ve listened to, this can be an organizing tool for me. I know my tendency will be to start this but not continue. So let’s see if I can keep up with this for two months!

Today’s links:

  • Getting back into yoga. I’ve been doing pilates at home, but I don’t push myself enough when I work out alone. As I age, I find my joints stiffen pretty quickly. Yesterday, I took a private lesson from Lynn McFadden and fell in love with her and her technique. I’m going to try one of her classes and see if I can stick with it.
  • Thinking about watching this movie about death, (but I haven’t decided if this is stress-inducing, a scam, or calming!)
  • Maybe signing up for this cooking class, especially since I can watch it later if something else comes up.

  • I might get “dinged” for posting someone else’s art, but I will give the attribution.

Until next time….