Next up

“Perhaps / The truth depends on a walk around a lake” Wallace Stevens. And for me, it’s more likely a walk on the beach.

  • On a whim, I subscribed to Kelsey Ervick’s The Habit of Art. Love it. This one was particularly helpful if you are looking for a system.
  • Do I need one of these? I saw this “ice cream” maker on Carleigh Bodrug’s newsletter, and I’m tempted. Pretty expensive though.
  • I’ve enjoyed listening to Susan David’s podcasts and getting her newsletters- She wrote about James Pennebaker’s journaling to heal.
  • Our new house is feeling a little more like home. As I get settled, I’ve also renewed my morning routine- AND, I’ve added a new yoga class on Sunday mornings. Perfect. I had a conversation with the studio owner, and I may have come up with a plan. More later!

Be well, friends.