The Season

There’s something about this season I love. You’ll not find me decorating for easter, halloween, or thanksgiving. But when it’s time for the white lights to come out, I’m in.

Perhaps it’s the cold that has layered itself on us, or maybe I like the light/dark metaphor so evident this time of year. Whatever it is, I find myself jumping in with tiny trees around the house, greenery everywhere, and those white lights. I find it’s easier to take breathing moments (it’s what I call my meditation in short bursts) and relax with a cup of hot anything. And I’ve settled into this mantra: you don’t have to be perfect.

This week several items of note need saving:

  • For those who are tired of self-care, self-help therapy, Elise Loehnen has written a short piece that better describes why knowing yourself IS important:

I think that self-help is a social good. And I think we need to rebrand the concept as “personal responsibility.” Specifically, personal responsibility for collective health and wholeness. It’s akin to managing your own trash so you don’t pollute the whole neighborhood. Plus, once your own trash management is in hand, you might have the capacity to help others with their trash as well. Or at least not add to their burden by dumping your dog poo bags in their yard.

Elise Loehnen
  • About that perfection? Here’s another push to try something new.

Until next time….