Lighting My Way

My friend Donna sent an email with all the things she loves this time of year. I smiled and felt an strong connection to everything she mentioned.

I immediately thought of all the ways I try to bring calm and cozy to my life in December.

  • This was something I didn’t even know I needed. But I’ve turned it on every day, and I can’t imagine winter without it!
  • White lights- everywhere! We have battery-operated table candles outside on the deck, in the bathroom, at the front door, and on every table top. Outside we string white lights on the porch and around the door.
  • Turmeric tea after dinner. I started it for my joints. Maybe it’s my imagination, but I think it’s helping me fall asleep :)
  • I never would have bought this for myself. One, it’s not my style. And two, well, it’s not inexpensive. But now that I have it, I can’t live without it, wrapping myself up in it whenever I sit on our sofa. The dog and cat love snuggling on it, too!
  • Warm socks: Donna recommended these, and I’ll have to try them. I’ve found these work great for me, too.

Most holidays are fairly meaningless to me. (I’ll have to deep dive into that sometime.) But Christmas usually makes me feel light and joyful. I have my moments when darker thoughts make their way into my emotions, but I think all the white lights and soft piano Christmas music we ask Alexa to play, keeps me level.

Last night we went to River’s Edge Yoga for a sound bath. White lights reflected off the brick walls, and Lynn, the owner, had put candles everywhere. We lay down under blankets feeling immersed in sound. Some say white lights give us a dopamine kick, but I find I breathe deeper and feel more connected to humanity.

Whatever the reason, I know I feel changed when the lights come on in December.