Summer at the Beach

The ocean cracks against the shore,
I listen once again from my bedroom.
Falling asleep, I imagine the creeping waves, reaching and rescinding,
the sound changing only with the tide and wind.
We could learn much from the constancy of nature.

#npm prompt: constancy

The Cat

You brought me a gift, so proud you were
His eyes too far open, anxious, fearful
Look at my feathered friend.
You held him gently in your firm teeth.
Open the door, I will bring him in.
I screamed, leaping to my feet, waving my arms.
You dropped him, feathers flying around your precious, surprised face.
The world is not always what we wish.



Do you relish the thought of a door opening?
Or does it terrify you?
Fragments of missteps and failures clutter the doorstep.
Like a magnet, you are pulled back.
But you must push past.
Quickly now, step in.
The light dims and then brightens.
You choose between fear and wonder.
Ahead are possibilities, but you know that.

writing prompt #poetrymonth

To Myself

I am slowing.
Finding the space between the ought’s and the should’s.
Remembering not to look forward or back but now.
I am slowing.
Sharing the morning with my thoughts.
Breathing in ways that make me stop.
I am slowing.
Creating visual reminders of time and thoughts.
Connecting with those who feed not steal.
I am slowing.
(from Bud’s writing prompt)

In the end, what we pay the most attention to defines us. How you choose to spend the irreplaceable hours of your life literally transforms you.