edcampISVA rocked

Today was magic. I am sitting on my couch, feet up, and fire going. The rest of the world is heading down to the Fredericksburg Christmas Parade, but I am relaxing, basking in the good feelings of today.

A group of 30 independent school teachers from around the state gathered at Fredericksburg Academy for our first edcamp. And it was everything I’d hoped for–and more.

Following edcamp protocol, we gathered, figured out what we wanted to talk about, and started the day. I’d suggested this a few months ago after reading about the success of other edcamps, wanting to experience the kind of professional development that is driven by the interests and needs of a community.

I’m selfish. I love sharing and learning with like-minded folks (though push back is always welcome,too). In these intimate settings, conversations happen. Relationships form. Friendships develop.

Though I was a little worried about the details (what if we don’t have enough food? will people get what they need? do we have enough post-it notes?), I shouldn’t have been. For when passionate people come together and have the chance to share ideas, magic happens.

Thanks to a great team of organizers, we pulled this off. Giving up a Saturday for a chance to meet so many creative, interesting, caring teachers was SO worth it. I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.