Transliteracy: reading and writing…or adapting to change?

Transliteracy Clip

I’ve seen the term bounced around the internet over the past year, but I hadn’t taken the time to explore what transliteracy really means.

If you aren’t sure, here are some places to start:

Buffy Hamilton shares this presentation:

  • Buffy’s post links to great resources
  • Digital Media and Learning has a Q&A here (with an interesting quote about future of the book)
  • The Transliteracy NING
  • The reading/writing/learning world is changing faster than most of us can keep up, so realizing we need to label the need to communicate across various media makes sense to me. Defining this will also help us frame our teaching and learning, allowing us to let go of strongly-held beliefs that only traditional reading and writing matters for success.

    (By the way, I grabbed the clip above using my new LiveScribe pen!)