An Old Friend

Chris probably doesn’t consider himself an old friend of mine, as he has moved on. But I remember his early blogging days on, when we were a handful of runners, supporting each other’s attempts at improving health and fitness. He was always there with the right words when I wanted to quit. (I’m still at it, Chris).
His site now focuses on business and social media.
You might be interested in reading a recent post about Twitter, where he gives suggestions for managing and ways NOT to manage all this information (oddly enough, I found him again through Sue Water’s post here). He also blogs about social networking, and his ideas are worth reading as they apply to our students, as well.
Great to find you again, Brogan!

2 thoughts on “An Old Friend

  1. Glad to see you again. : ) I’m really far afield of my personal fitness past, but still happy to talk with my friends in the RBF. I talk with Mark often about various aspects of blogging and media making, and I have a few RBF friends in Facebook, too.
    Thanks for thinking of me. : )

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