This Sharing Thing

Google has made it much easier to find relevant, valuable information through its Google Reader and the Share with Friends component.
I’ve started sharing, and I’m getting lots of good stuff. Plus I pull my shared items into my blog for easy access.
I’ve also realized that we are, in many cases, sharing the same things! That speaks volumes, really. The best stuff is seen as the best stuff by many. On the other hand, I don’t need to have the same blog/article/podcast saved in 14 different places!
So now I’m trying to figure out if just keeping the article in a friend’s shared file is good enough. Will I be able to find it when I want it?
What do you think?

1 thought on “This Sharing Thing

  1. Well I am really loving the new Sharing feature because I have come across some articles that I wouldn’t have without it. I have no issue with finding in Friend’s shared because you can search within Shared items (click on drop down arrow and change search option to Shared).

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