I am trying my best not to jump on every new thing these days. It’s time consuming. And most new tools are just that–new tools.
However, Will’s post this morning caught my eye. And in two seconds, I had signed up for Apture and added a link to my post on John Medina.
The program allows you to add videos, text, and images to your posts with a simple click. I am envisioning all kinds of use for student research. I added the link for John Medina while I was installing Apture. I’ll need to exit this post.
Ahhhh, I just discovered something. Only I can see the link and the video that goes along with John’s name. I just asked my colleague, Susanne, to check to see if she could see it. No luck.
Hmmm, more figuring to do on this one.

Edited: Ahhhh, so when I published the post, the link I had added to the previous post appeared on John’s name in this new post. Interesting!

Edited: And now the link in the previous post has disappeared, but all the links in the new post are working.