Testing Apture Again

I love when companies respond to a request for help. Especially when the request wasn’t obvious.
This morning I was playing around with Apture and had some difficulties getting the links to appear. I used the "automatic add" available for Typepad, so I assumed the issue wasn’t with coding (since I hadn’t coded anything).
But my day was busy, so I left the issue to resolve later. If ever. You know how when faced with difficulties, we often just move on?
Tonight, I arrived home to discover an email from the folks at Apture explaining that, in fact, the issue may have had something to do with the automatic add button–AND giving me a suggestion to make it work.
Wow. So here I am, testing again. I do want to make this work. We plan to start blogging in earnest soon, and I am excited for students to try using this tool as they gather resources for research like the recent student-created videos on Jefferson, The Depression, and World War I they did for the AP review.
Now, if you see links in this with small icons placed next to certain words, you’ll know it’s up and running!

There we go! Thanks, Apture.