But is it working?

Six of us, all members of the Powerful Learning Practice, have been discussing our teaching shifts and pondering these thoughts all year:

  • how do we know these 21st Century skills of creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, information literacy, and digital citizenship (borrowed liberally from here and here) are key for students' success? success at what? are they skills? how do we assess any of this?
  • what are our goals?
  • how do they affect our current teaching practices?
  • where does technology fit into all of this?

Often the conversations we spin in, around, and through each others PLN's make me dizzy. Sometimes, though, we don't talk, we act.
And when I see a group of teachers learning, sharing, creating, and living the conversations, I feel content.

Today, for example, I watched FA Blogs grow! I noticed that Carey's 8th grade classes were adding their blogs today, getting ready to reflect on what they were learning in French class. Then Jennifer opted to jump in with another, putting our creative writing magazine online. Before long, both Carey and Susanne had commented on her new blog.
I was busy teaching, but when I finished, I checked Twitter to see that they had managed to figure out all the details themselves.
A former student, studying at Georgia Tech, even chimed in to comment on the design.




Jennifer is also blogging with her seniors, though we haven't moved them to FA Blogs yet. However, as I was working on the admin side of WPMU today, I noticed another blog.
"Who is that?" I wondered…..
One of our math teachers has decided to read and blog along with Jennifer's students this semester, so she is putting her thoughts out there. Wow. I'm speechless.
Our math teacher, writing with our English students. Sharing, learning, reflecting.
Sigh. Happy sigh. Yes, it's working.

4 thoughts on “But is it working?

  1. Sometimes it just takes having the platform and watching others do it to get motivated, and what is often most motivating is when one decides for themselves, and is not pushed, but rather jumps.
    Rock and roll!

  2. Jim, you are so right. This clearly has great potential, and I am eager to see what our students and teachers do with it. Thanks again for your help and support. I’m sure we’ll be in touch…and we look forward to developing other relationships with UMW, too!

  3. It’s working brilliantly! I’m about to go back to school after a long break, and I must admit I’m nervous about actually being able to put my theoretical goals into practice. I’ll be following your group for inspiration and help!

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