On the train

I’ve spent a lot of time on the train lately going back and forth between Virginia and Rhode Island, where my family lives.

The eight-hour ride provides much time to think. About life. About work. About how hungry I am.

On this trip, I’ve been thinking about my blog. When I first started blogging, I was running and training for races, and updates were simple. I was all about the run.

A few years later, I shifted to an edtech blog, one I shared with my teachers to help them envision how to integrate technology into the classroom. After moving back into the classroom, the focus (on this blog) became my students and me–a time to reflect on all I was learning and doing.

So now what?

We don’t need another edtech blog. There are too many already, most preaching to the choir and saying the same old things. Oh, that sounds a little bitter, doesn’t it?

But I love blogging. Writing gives me a chance to clarify my thinking, reflect on what I’m learning. Sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough.

A logical step for me is to write about my new work, which by the way will be done mostly from the comfort of my sofa. Or dining room table. Or comfy chair in the library. I haven’t decided yet.

And there are so many decisions to be made. What kind of monitor will I need? What’s the best way to organize my contacts and interviews? How many cups of coffee should I drink every day?

I’ll need help.

So I hope you’ll hang around (all three of you) and jump in anytime.

2 thoughts on “On the train

  1. There’s something stimulating about train rides. You’ll find inspiration there, for sure. Now, for organization, I survive on the Outlook task/appointment apps. Without it, I’m an E-mail addict with a side order of Free Cell and World Cup action.

    1. The staring out the window inspired me until I got internet access–lol.
      Outlook works on the PC, not my Mac. But thanks for the thoughts. See you soon in RI, eh? Beach.

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