Social Media Ennui, And Yet….

Do you ever get tired of connecting? Every once in a while, I have to step away.

I’ve never liked Facebook (PLP’s Sheryl Nussbaum Beach was giving me a hard time because I said I don’t use it much). Of course, I do jump on for PLP, but frankly, most of my connecting is for professional reasons. I have not been able to get into FB to connect with friends, and sometimes that makes me feel like a luddite, despite my propensity to be online connecting for all hours of the day! Twitter has been my go-to app for finding resources and getting to know others in my field. And I also connect on Flickr, diigo, and delicious.

But now there’s a new player, and I’m finding it fits in nicely with my work flow. Google Plus, Google’s new attempt at social networking, seems to have what I need so far. I like the Circles, and I like the ability to have threaded conversations. The novelty may wear off, and I do find that it’s now one more place to go. But I’m going….and curious.

What are your thoughts so far?