Wood and Polymer

A few days ago, I tried to make a poster with both wood and polymer. I realized quickly that the when I place the plate on the base, it raised it enough that the roller touched the wood but not the polymer. Also, the wood printed in random places. I expect some differentiation. After all, these letters are old–some are damaged, worn, and chipped. But there’s something else going on. I need to measure carefully to see that it’s all type high. Maybe some paper under a few of the letters?

Today I’m going to try putting the polymer on something other than the Boxcar base. I’ve read about people building bases under type to be able to make it work. I love figuring this out….


Breathing Through It

iPhotoIsn’t it funny how days of wonderful moments can be derailed by a comment directed at the heart of what we do? Even painting our door bright purple didn’t help me feel better.

I’m trying to shake it off and not take it personally– because it wasn’t intended to be. So I’ll continue to do what I believe is important. We can’t be all things to all people.

Practice letting things be. That doesn’t mean you can’t actively work to create a different tomorrow. It just means you make peace with the moment as it is, without worrying that something’s wrong with you or your life, and then operate from a place of acceptance.  Lori Deschene

On the bright side,  two recent acceptances (Vine Leaves Literary Review and Cactus Heart) have given me the boost I need. I write for so many reasons. Finding an audience is certainly one.

Now, back to the door.