Age, Art, and Learning

The other day I was dreaming about ways to letterpress print on a textured surface. I am getting tired of plain white backgrounds.

Then, I watched a few videos, took some notes, updated photos in the Etsy shop, and answered emails about our upcoming Write-On letter writing workshop at Kickshaws.

But wait. I will be 66 soon. Why am I still trying to run a business? Why am I still trying to build community? Shouldn’t I be relaxing in retirement?

Actually, I do relax. With my mom in town, life has changed. But I find myself drawn back to connections.

Somewhere around 1988 or 90, I bought my first computer and hooked it to the internet as soon as I could figure out how to do that. Suddenly I could learn anywhere, and I could share what I was learning with others.

I’ve always been fascinated by entrepreneurship. But more than that, fascinated by what makes people connect.  I am inspired by  Seth Godin, or books by Simon Sinek or Jason Fried

The Heath brothers  and Daniel Pink challenged my way of thinking about ideas, Clayton M. Christensen on disruption… well, you see where I’m going. I love to learn (and to think about how we learn).

Brene Brown came into my life about ten years ago, and recently as I’ve thought about storytelling, Bernadette Jiwa.

It is never too late to learn. To create. To do anything.

Why stop now? I can’t imagine a better retirement. How lucky I am.