Sharing My Walk

City Dock

My friend (and photographer) Donna suggested I post one of my photos from my foggy morning walk. I even worked at trying to crop it appropriately, to frame what I think is most important.

Fog dissipated as we walked, lifting to a beautiful sunny day. I thought of Ralph Waldo Emerson and this quote:

The older I get, the simpler life becomes and all I yearn for is wholesome food, an early night and walking in the countryside.


Today I am feeling so grateful and full of privilege to be able to retire, travel, eat well, and spend my days as I wish.

In My Kitchen

There’s something about seeing this press in my kitchen every morning that turns me on and wakes me up. I mean really. It’s like I feel ONE with her!

She has helped me over some rough spots lately, and now we’re ready to show off the results. Hope you can visit the Fredericksburg Literary Book Festival this Saturday from 10-5. There will be a wonderful assortment of artists, authors, and book arts lovers. I’ll have some of my favorite cards and prints, too. I’ll be in the red tent at A1 :)