Leveling the Platen

topbottomHaving now tested the platen alignment with John Falstrom’s gauge and email support, and tested it also by placing 48pt type in each corner (the o on the top “TO” didn’t even show up!) , I’m convinced my platen isn’t level. I sure do appreciate the online help, too (thanks Stuart!) One more thing about the “o”… the lockup on the form was not good, so that’s probably some of the trouble. But using this and the test from the other day, it all makes sense.

So, I’m going in. Tools-check. Confidence-um, no.




Press Update

So, here’s the thing. Figuring out why something is or isn’t printing well on a press is difficult. I am posting my progress so anyone interested can learn from my mistakes!

I’ve already realized one problem with this update– I changed the ink from yesterday’s series of photos. Instead of using the same black, I switched to brown. I have no idea if that’s part of the problem, but here’s what I have so far. The photo on the left is printed on the proof press, hand-inked. Other than a nick in the “O” it’s not bad. On the right, the chase in the Pearl. Centered correctly? I’m not sure.


On the bottom left, the print showing less ink than when I hand-inked but also it fades toward the bottom. When I reverse the chase, it fades on the bottom again. Does this indicate a platen out of alignment? Perhaps but it was just adjusted recently. I did take the press on a long car trip after that, so hmmmm.

Anyone want to weigh in on this? :) How am I doing @Emily?


Edited: Ah, just heard from John Falstrom, the man I bought the press from. He suggested I remove the tape from the rails, since it was placed there for the old rollers. Mine are new and may not need it. Sounds right to me! Thanks, John.