Lancaster Printers Fair


I don’t know which I liked more at the Lancaster Printers Fair– meeting/seeing old friends or getting new stuff! Wood type from from John Barrett at Letterpress Things and Virgin Wood, a handmade book from Leland Manufactory, cards from Sea Heart City Press and Typecase Industries, and a letterpress t-shirt! Mostly, though, I loved connecting with like-minded printers, who continue to amaze me with their willingness to share and help.


Learning More

Now that I have my press/type/stuff moved to Water Street Studio, I can settle in and figure out how to do this. Yesterday I practiced with my limited wood type. I am missing letters and the “K” is broken, so the result was only adequate. I did manage to set a line of metal type and finally got it to print without smearing. Next purchase–more wood.

This morning I figured out how to scan Elizabeth’s line drawing into PS and then place it in Illustrator, rasterize it, and upload it to make a polymer plate. My first few attempts were not black and white, so the plates split into four, each with a different color (CMYK)–not good. (Am I even using the right terminology?) But my last version seemed to work. Fingers crossed.

I am hoping to get the plate so I can make posters for First Friday. That should keep me busy….and one day I’ll begin writing agin.