Alone in Silence

  I read this David Whyte quote today on OnBeing: “…a radical letting-alone of yourself in the world. Letting the world speak in its own voice and letting this deeper sense of yourself speak out.” Having just spent a week in Turks and Caicos, walking the beach, reading quietly, spending hours without speaking, well, I get … [Read more…]

It’s All About the Words

FullSizeRender (36)

Words. I must have become a printer because I love seeing words in front of me. Cards, prints, even these small letterpress printed cards that now stand in wooden holders. I’m about to start a new eating plan, something I’ve done, oh, maybe a thousand times during my life! But seriously, who knows, right? So … [Read more…]

It’s the Way You….


This was one of the first cards I printed. I only made a handful, and I forgot about them. But the other day, I realized I LOVE these cards. So, I”m going to set the type again and reprint. Sometimes a good idea needs to be reprised, right? It’s the way you hold my hand … [Read more…]

A Day

“Where the press is free and every man able to read, all is safe.”

The stomach bug kept me home and missing the Women’s March on Washington. Boo….Thanks to the internet, I followed along all day. Instead of moping (ok, I’ve done my share of that), I am planning new prints and ways to make a difference.

Next Up


I have a press, so I will print. Next up: Absolute freedom of the press to discuss public questions is a foundation stone of American liberty. Herbert Hoover