Fall, Almost


I have been retired from teaching for four years, but I still find myself thinking of September (or late August) as the beginning of a new year, a time to reflect and then move forward. I loved starting each fall with a new class, sometimes a new room, and new plans.

These days, I’m not headed into a classroom, but I still find myself looking forward and thinking of this time as a beginning. Finding a new press in Lyme, Connecticut a few weeks ago has given me something to focus on. As soon as the rollers arrive, I’ll be experimenting with it, seeing what I can do beyond my current proof press.

But more than that, I am trying to envision what I want to do with these presses and my studio. I love having students, especially those squirmy and enthusiastic elementary and middle schoolers. I enjoy helping them figure out how to organize their ideas and put their thoughts on paper (or keyboards). And when I’m not with them, I turn to my type and ink. I had originally thought I’d limit myself to printing my own writing, creating broadsheets of my poetry. But I’ve had fun creating¬†cards to sell in our studio, too. And with my partners now working on bookbinding, the possibilities are¬†endless.

So here’s to starting again, a topic that I’ve revisited many times on this blog! I’ve changed the name of the blog to get things rolling.