A Month

FullSizeRender (24)The past month was difficult, but it’s over. I spent yesterday working in the shop, and I think I’m finally getting the hang of this. Each new print job meant more packing, less packing, more tape, less tape– because each form is different, depending upon whether I am using metal type, wood type, or polymer. I managed to get out a few holiday cards and a few quote cards. Yay me.

In two weeks I get to visit Jen at Starshaped Press in Chicago. I’m looking forward to learning from her. Nothing like being around a master! And so what if I’m still working on it at 63. I need to realize that’s pretty cool in itself.

The Show, The Show!

2015-04-23 14.35.02

My first show (that’s kind of strange to say) is hung. I am so proud to see my letterpress prints at Skin Touch Therapy, a favorite place of mine. Brian, the owner, is a delight. And I’m thrilled he asked if I was interested in hanging my work for two months.

Friend Elizabeth Seaver (from Water Street Studio) helped as I had no idea how to hang prints. But now that the show is up, I’m proud. Who knew I’d be starting this new project/business?

Another plug: my cards are available at Water Street, my Etsy shop, Great.ly, and at Heather’s in downtown Fredericksburg.

I visited Charlottesville this weekend and stopped in at Rock Paper Scissors, where I saw a wall of greeting cards made by people I follow here. So cool! I don’t think I ever want to get into wholesale as that’s another ballgame, but it was fun to see such a variety of work.