Working Together

I love working on teams, sharing ideas, making something happen.

Truth is, I am more of a big picture person than a detail person. But sometimes things happen because someone says, “Why don’t we try…”

Recently I worked with a friend, a graphic artist in town. I printed some cards and passed them along to her for watercolor touches. Wow, I was impressed. I LOVE the work she did.

FB Water

Sometimes I wonder why it took me so long to realize how much I like making things. Getting my hands dirty, playing with ink and type, this keeps me going for hours. I wish I’d been able to study design, the weakest link in my process. But I’m willing to learn, put in the time. It’s the problem-solving that keeps me going….




The Business Side of Things

I’ve been watching other Etsy shops to see how they package and ship, advertise, and promote their letterpress products. It’s actually fun to think about this, not in my wheelhouse, but that’s ok. It’s all about learning.

These are some of the shops I’m following- in no particular order:

Each has its own style, it seems, while I am still all over the place. After the holidays, when things settle down around the shop, I am going to try to focus on presentation. Any other ideas for shops that do this well?